June Meeting

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13 parents came to our June meeting. Parents shared their memories of the time their child died and expressed their guilt that they could not protect their child from dying.  It was felt that a parent should protect the child from any harm and a sudden and premature death did not allow this. Some parents were advised not to see … Read More

May Meeting

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The group that came together  this month found that all of us had experienced the sudden death of a child – rather than guiding and supporting our loved ones through a long illness. That suddenness is different than having time to prepare yourself your child and family and friends for what was just around the corner – some of us felt robbed … Read More

April Meeting

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Parents came together on Thursday 20th April @ Pear tree bridge and we talked about how social media and the internet  affects us – is it a good thing to spend hours searching for answers or reasons why as bereaved parents we feel like we do. Is it productive or destructive for the mind and soul ? Many of us said … Read More

March meeting

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We had 14 parents at our last meeting. Liz opened the meeting with a reading by Julia Samuel – Lessons in Love & Loss ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-4248650/Lessons-love-loss.html ) In her article she explains how building ‘pillars of strength’ will help bereaved people to keep going ,live with and learning from losing a loved one. This was followed by a lively discussion … Read More

February Meeting

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We met on the 16th February – it was different as we sadly had to say good bye to one of our bereaved mother’s who suddenly died. After remembering her and her husband and son, Ian read a Poem ‘Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow’. Very relevant as it all reminded us to live in the present. This started a discussion about the … Read More

January 2017 meeting

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We had a good start to our first meeting in the New Year. We shared our Christmas experiences, for some it was their first Christmas without their child. Everyone felt that it is a very hard time and whatever type of Christmas arrangements one makes the child is missed. Some parents really struggled with all the build up to Christmas … Read More

November Meeting

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16 parents came to our November meeting. We started the evening by Ian reading ‘An Ugly Pair of Shoes’ (author unknown). It expresses the painful journey of grief which nobody wants to be part of but recognizes that although it is hard road often one becomes stronger. It started a good conversation and parents shared what they found difficult. We … Read More

Christmas Tree in Memory of our children @ Woburn Abbey

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On Sunday 11th December the group will come together and decorate a tree in the gardens at Woburn Abbey in memory of the children who will not with them at this festive time. Anyone is welcome to attend and decorate the tree. Porcelain stars will be available for parents and family members to write a message on and hang it … Read More