August Meeting

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We had 11 parents at our meeting. Liz read an article from the Daily Mail titled “Friends who cross the road to avoid you – because you’ve lost a child”

Christine Lord writes about her experience when she was asked how many children do you have, when she mentioned that one of her children died the conversation came to a halt and the situation became uncomfortable. All the parents have had those awkward moments. No parent wants to deny their dead child but feel at times they don’t have the energy to cope with people’s reaction. Parents feel sad that friends are happy to talk about their child’s development and plans but don’t want to hear what they want to say about their child no longer with them.

The discussion also led into the time when the death needed to be registered and how impersonal this ‘job’ is. Most of them had a cold and motionless person over the counter registering their beloved child. As this needs to be done soon after death most parents felt to numb and bewildered to say anything.

One mum had her son’s 10th anniversary on Thursday – she was not sure should she come to the meeting or not but felt that coming to the group she will be understood and can just BE. This is what the support group is all about.

If you have lost a child and feel that the outside world does not understand feel free to come to our meeting.

Our next group will be

Thursday 20th September 7.30 – 9.30 at 

Age UK

Peartree Centre,

1 Chadds Lane

Peartree Bridge MK16 3EB




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