February Meeting

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  • We met on the 16th February – it was different as we sadly had to say good bye to one of our bereaved mother’s who suddenly died. After remembering her and her husband and son, Ian read a Poem ‘Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow’. Very relevant as it all reminded us to live in the present. This started a discussion about the past. One mother who lost her daughter in an accident feels that she is only now ready to get information from medical people about her child’s last days. At the time it all felt unreal and she was not able to cope with any information. Parents shared their experiences about the ‘right’ time to gain more insight in what happened. Again it was agreed that there is no right or wrong time and each individual person needs to find the way to come to peace with the loss of their child.
  • Discussion also took place about clearing belongings/room of the child. An incredible difficult task and some parents take years before they can use their child’s bedroom and even change the bedclothes.  Only bereaved parents can understand that this can be a mammoth task and therefore the time needs to be right.
  • There was great support within the group as each one shared their loss and memories and even after many years the tears were flowing.

A book to recommend: ‘Child Loss’ -The Heartbreak and the Hope-by Clara Hinton who has lost 2 children.

Snowdrop planting at Woburn Abbey Gardens- change of date.It will be

Saturday 22nd April between 1-3pm ( we will finish planting by 3 so that we can go for a drink at the coffee shop)


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    I would give my life to have you back,
    said his Mum
    I know you would, said her Son.
    I cry each night for you, said his Mum
    And I catch all of your tears said her Son.
    I pray for the day that I can see you again,
    said his Mum
    Close your eyes and you can see me,
    said her son……..
    You are the first person who loved me,
    and you are the first person I loved.
    You were always there when I needed you,
    and you always knew when I needed a hug.
    I am here for you now, Mum
    in your heart and in your soul.
    I did not take your heart with me
    instead I left mine with you to hold.
    One day I will take your hand and lead you to paradise,
    but until then my beautiful mother,
    when you want to see me
    you only need to close your eyes…….

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