September meeting

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13 parents came to our meeting and we shared a reading ‘I am on a journey”

Parents shared their thoughts about the month of September. It is a sad month as it brings it home that their child won’t start school, go into secondary school or start university.  They find it hard when parents whose child reaches those milestones talk about it and they wonder how their child would have coped.

Parents expressed a concern that over the years the memory of their child will fade. One family decided to have a special time each month when they remember their child. It is a ritual which helps them.

A discussion took place about organ donation. It is a very difficult decision to make especially as there is pressure to give the organ donation team an answer. Parents reassured each other that whatever decision was made at the time their child died was the right one.

Parents said that they had to learn to say NO as they felt they had to please friends and family. Their was a mutual understanding among the group on how difficult this was.

If you are a bereaved parent and want to be understood and be able to talk about your child please come to our next meeting on

Thursday 18th October at 7.30

Age UK

Peartree Centre,

1 Chadds Lane

Peartree Bridge MK16 3EB

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