April Meeting

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We started our meeting by welcoming two new parents and read the poem ‘Just today’ . The discussion which followed was about the time of death of the child. One parent expressed her sadness as she still remembers the nurse coming to her while she was sitting with her dead son asking her if she has ‘done with him yet’. Even after many years she still feels hurt. Another parent shared a positive experience where staff had been sensitive and thoughtful.

Parents felt that no one can understand the importance of being allowed time with the child for as long as it is needed.

Parents shared how important it is for them that their friends remember their child and of how hurtful and hard it is when there is no mention of their child.

One parent had a very traumatic experience when his daughter died; the group allowed him to speak freely about it and supported him as best as they could.

Parents feel that coming to the group is so beneficial especially as it is there for both mums and dads.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday 17th of May at Age UK, The Peartree Centre, 1 Chadds Lane, Peartree Bridge, MK6 3EB. We are meeting from 7.30 – 9.30.

We have a picture tree at the middle of the table – feel free to bring along a picture of your son or daughter.

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