Meeting in August 2019

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We started the meeting by chatting to each other over a hot drink. Parents discussed how insensitive papers are when writing about a child’s death. The report comes out too quickly before parents have a chance to digest the terrible situation they find themselves. All parents spoke about the difficulties they face in August/September. It is heart breaking to see … Read More

Meeting 16th May 2019

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We had 14 parents at our last meeting. One new dad came along. Parents discussed how real the pain of grief feels. They expressed their sadness that so often they lose close friends as they don’t understand that this pain does not disappear. One dad’s coping mechanism is to have very positive thoughts about his child. This is his way … Read More

Invitation to Snowdrop planting at Woburn Gardens

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Bereaved Parents and their families and friends are invited to join us this Saturday 13th April 1.30 – to 3pm for planting snowdrops in our designated place in the beautiful Woburn Gardens. We will meet at 1.30 outside the shop near the Band stand and walk to our area. It can be a bit muddy . When you drive through … Read More

Meeting 21st March 2019

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We had 13 parents coming along to our March meeting. We opened the meeting with a reading from Laura Wyatt Douglas ( taken from FB page) ‘Reasons I am strong’ for Maddi’ The parents could associate with what Laura wrote , no parent chooses to to become a bereaved parent and there is no choice but carry on living but every second of each day … Read More

Climbing Snowdon

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Mark, Debbie and their family and friends attempted to get to the top of Snowdon back in November. The weather was so bad that they only were able to get up half way, wind and rain made it impossible to get to the summit. They managed to raise over £3000 which they divided between charities and we are one of … Read More

January meeting 2019

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At our first meeting this year we had 12 parents and welcomed one new mother. A reading was shared titled Learning to Live Around the ‘Hole’ -(found on FB). A mother explained that when her child died it felt that there was now a big hole in her life. A hole which was enormous at the beginning of her grief journey but in time … Read More

November Meeting

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We had 14 parents at our meeting and welcomed one new couple.  A small reading was shared ( C. Hinton – Child Loss, The Heartbreak and the Hope). She described the first few months after the child’s death as living in a fog. It is like a protection at the early stage of grief when life does not make sense.  … Read More

Meeting in October 2018

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We welcomed three new parents at our last meeting. Each one lost their child in the last 6 month. They shared their loss and those parents who have been bereaved for longer were able to listen and comfort them. Parents reassured each other that what ever pain there is – it is real and no one should tell them how … Read More

Thank you to two wonderful ladies

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Caroline and Hannah ran the Cardiff Half Marathon on Sunday 6th October. They decided to raise money for our group – MK Bereaved Parent Group. They raised the incredible amount of £ 740.– which is fantastic. They had a very good race, weather conditions were perfect and both completed the course. We are so thankful for their support. If you … Read More