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Despite the holiday season we had 11 parents coming to the meeting. The discussion was about going on holiday.Parents found it difficult to get ready for the holiday knowing that they do not need to pack for the child who died. They expressed the sadness they feel.

The child’s funeral was also discussed and each parents found this a very traumatic and incredibly sad day. They looked back and wondered how they actually survived the funeral. There is no right of wrong on how to arrange this last journey of their child.

There was real support among the parents throughout the evening.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday 15th September at 7.30 at AGE UK, The Peartree Centre, 1 Chadds Lane

Milton Keynes MK6 3EB

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  1. A comforting group, attending here reminds me of this poem, though never used to be much of a ‘poem’ person before losing our son…………..

    I’m on a journey down a long path.
    Ahead of me I can see others. They seem to be walking with more purpose than me, but every now and again one of them slows. Stumbles. Stops.
    Then they dust themselves down and carry on.
    I can’t quite catch up with them but I know they’re there ahead of me.
    Treading the same path as me. Just ahead of me.

    Behind me I see a dear friend.
    She’s walking the same path as me. Yesterday her steps faltered and she stumbled.
    From where I am I yelled encouragement to her. Eventually she picked herself up and tried very hard to carry on.

    Later in the day I stumbled and found myself on my knees. Battered and bruised. I felt like I had taken several steps back and couldn’t walk any further down the path.

    My friends ahead of me whispered encouragement. My friend behind me encouraged me just by her presence and empathy. So I picked myself up and carried on along this rocky path that we’re all journeying along.

    Separately yet together.

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