January meeting 2019

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At our first meeting this year we had 12 parents and welcomed one new mother. A reading was shared titled Learning to Live Around the ‘Hole’ -(found on FB). A mother explained that when her child died it felt that there was now a big hole in her life. A hole which was enormous at the beginning of her grief journey but in time she was able to live with it- however at times the hole appeared again -big and unmanageable -. Parents could very much associate with this reading and discussion took place how best to cope with those situation when they feel overwhelmed with grief, sadness and exhaustion.

Parents whose child died suddenly shared their experiences – those early days when they were out of control as ‘outside’ people took charge of their child. The more newly bereaved parents in the group asked if one ever can have a ‘normal’ life without the desperate pain and emptiness. Parents reassured them that life will get better but it will take time and it will take on a different meaning.

The support and understanding among the parents was obvious.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday 21st February 7.30 – 9.30pm at the Peartree Centre, 1 Chadds Lane, Peartree Bridge, MK6 3EB

If you are a bereaved parent and feel that you want to be with parents who will understand you then come along.

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