March Meeting 2018

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We started the meeting with a reading from the book Catching the Light by Genesse Bourdeayu Gentry ‘In This Place’ . We discussed how our group is a place where we relax, breathe, the child’s’ name is spoken as much as needed and ALL feelings can be expressed.

This led to a discussion of what is comforting to a bereaved parent. Some shared their experience with a Medium, they felt close to their child during the meetings. Others felt that they would like to have a faith which may help them to be close to their child and fill the void which is so deep and painful.

One couple spoke about their child’s inquest and how distressing it is to unravel the moments leading up to their child’s death. Grieving is almost put on hold during this period. Parents who have been in the same situation agreed that it is a very difficult time.

We talked again on how hard it is to attend any family /close friends gatherings. Those ‘parties’ are painful and very difficult to cope with it.

Parents support was very apparent throughout the evening.

We finished the evening by sharing a reading by one of the mother’s:

Until we meet again

Even in the darkest days since we’ve been apart

Memories of the times we shared help to warm my heart.

Every day I miss the smile that on-one can replace,

but still it brings me comfort in the sadness that I face.

Life is full of mysteries that no-one can explain

But I know some day, somewhere we will meet again.

Until we do I’ll find the strength to live through each new day.

Grateful for the happy years before you went away.


Our next meeting will be Thursday 19th of April

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