May Meeting

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The group that came together  this month found that all of us had experienced the sudden death of a child – rather than guiding and supporting our loved ones through a long illness. That suddenness is different than having time to prepare yourself your child and family and friends for what was just around the corner – some of us felt robbed of that opportunity to prepare , talk to our children about how they would like things to be handled and do activities together before they died.

The discussion turned to donor cards and a number of parents shared their experiences  of how they were approached by transplant teams soon after their child passed away – what that was like, how they were treated and the anguish of trying to do what their child would have wanted.

It was a gentle meeting – all sharing experiences and disusing how different hospitals approached the subject – what was good and what was bad.

Finally one of the group shared an article which they felt really described some of the things that as bereaved parents we sometimes wish our friends knew about how we had changed, what we needed and how to help us whether we had experienced our loss recently or 10 years on .

We recommend the read …

Our next meeting is 15th June @ 7.30pm

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