September meeting

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13 parents came to our meeting and we shared a reading ‘I am on a journey” Parents shared their thoughts about the month of September. It is a sad month as it brings it home that their child won’t start school, go into secondary school or start university.  They find it hard when parents whose child reaches those milestones talk … Read More

August Meeting

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We had 11 parents at our meeting. Liz read an article from the Daily Mail titled “Friends who cross the road to avoid you – because you’ve lost a child” Christine Lord writes about her experience when she was asked how many children do you have, when she mentioned that one of her children died the conversation came to a … Read More

Meeting 19th July

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We welcomed one new mother to our meeting. Liz shared a reading which was followed by a discussion about guilt. Each parent contributed about their regrets and the big IF ONLY…… like getting advice from a medical person earlier, making a phone call to the child when they thought about it and not a day later when it was too … Read More

Meeting 21st June 2018

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We welcomed 3 newly bereaved parents to our meeting. The reading by Angela Miller – Newly Bereaved Parents’ was very suitable and discussion took place how to survive the first few weeks and months let alone the rest of the life without the child. Parents shared their experience of the first few weeks after their child death and how life … Read More

Child Bereavement UK Open Day

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Child Bereavement UK are having an Open Day on 23 May 2018 11 am – 5.30 at  Child Bereavement UK, Sapphire House 1b Opal Court Eastlake Park, Fox Milne, MK15 0DF Pop in for an informal chat with their friendly support practitioners. More information about the charity please visit: or phone 01908 550895

April Meeting

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We started our meeting by welcoming two new parents and read the poem ‘Just today’ . The discussion which followed was about the time of death of the child. One parent expressed her sadness as she still remembers the nurse coming to her while she was sitting with her dead son asking her if she has ‘done with him yet’. … Read More

Snowdrop planting 21st April 2018

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Our next snowdrop planting event is being held on Saturday 21st April from 1-3pm at the Woburn Abbey Gardens. It is helpful to bring some gardening gloves and to wear wellies or boots, the ground can get muddy. Any bereaved parent and their family and friends are invited to join us.

March Meeting 2018

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We started the meeting with a reading from the book Catching the Light by Genesse Bourdeayu Gentry ‘In This Place’ . We discussed how our group is a place where we relax, breathe, the child’s’ name is spoken as much as needed and ALL feelings can be expressed. This led to a discussion of what is comforting to a bereaved parent. … Read More

Februarys Meeting

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We welcomed 3 new bereaved parents to the group this month who had found the strength after a number of years being bereaved to come and talk and seek some support and mutual understanding from the other parents attending.   We opened the meeting with the poem  from the book “Catching the light” by Genesee Bourdeau Gentry titled “Winter into … Read More

January meeting

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14 parents came to our January meeting and we welcomed one new mum. We started the meeting with  a reading by Angela Miller who reflected on her feelings about a New Year. New Year is a moment when one makes resolutions and changes in life. She expresses the painful reality that another year is ahead without the child. She writes: … Read More